impact Events  

We’ll be taking a trip to SkyZone this Saturday, March 28th from 3pm to 7pm. The per-student cost will be $17 for tickets, plus about $10 for Chick-fil-A and whatever additional money you want to send for concessions, etc. If your student would like to attend, you will need to do three things before we leave:

  1. Fill out and turn in a Northside Permission Slip for your students who are under the age of 18. We are requiring this form for any event that takes us away from the church grounds, and that form is linked below.

    (Permission Slip Link)

  2. Go to and click the “sign waiver” button. Fill out and submit that form digitally so it will be on file with them when we arrive, but also print a copy of the confirmation in case of error. This waiver MUST be filled out in advance of the event.

  3. Bring cash in a marked envelope or a check made payable to Northside Assembly of God to church, preferably prior to Saturday for ticket purchase, as they will have to be purchased in advance. Send cash day of for concessions and dinner.