Northside Christian School seeks to fill all teaching positions with degreed personnel or those who are trained in their special field of instruction. All staff members are carefully selected on the basis of their education, experience, and integrity. The most important requirements for the instructional staff are an unselfish spirit of dedication to children, a belief that the Christian school ministry is their service to God, and a complete and personal acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Elementary Faculty

  • MRS. CAITLYN PITCHFORD, Kindergarten
  • MRS. CARRIE POST, 1st grade
  • MRS. JANA FOWLER, 2nd grade
  • MRS. JEANNE WOODS, 3rd grade
  • MRS. PAMELA DIETZ, 4th grade
  • MS. BRENDA JUSTICE, 5th grade
  • MRS. JUNE ZAUNBRECHER, 6th grade
  • MS. SARAH GREEN, 7th grade

High School Faculty

  • MS. MARY A. SARIEGO, Principal
  • MRS. SHELLY GATTE, 8th grade Homeroom, Bible, Pre-Algebra, Reading, English
  • MRS. JULAINE STARK, 9th grade Homeroom, Bible I, Fine Arts Survey, Earth Science, Beta Club Sponsor
  • MRS. NICOLE DIETZ, 10th grade Homeroom, Bible II, American History, History 8, Civics, World Geography, Publications I
  • MRS. DEBRA WILLIAMS, 11th grade Homeroom, Algebra I, II, Advanced Math, Geometry, Computer Literacy/Technology
  • MRS. CYNTHIA ZELLER, 12th grade Homeroom, 8th Grade English I, II, III, IV, ACSI Spelling Bee Coordinator, Librarian
  • MRS. KIMBERLY ARMSTRONG, Physics, Science 8, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra I and II
  • MRS. ANNE KING, Spanish I, II, Student Council Sponsor, 11th grade Bible.
  • MRS. TRACIE CLEMENT, Biology 2, Girls P.E., Girls Varsity Head Coach
  • MR. GLENN DAIGLE, Boys P.E., Boys Varsity Coach